In order to book examinations and treatment, National Health Service outpatients (marked with the symbol *) require referral from their general practitioner (GP), using the National Health Service prescription pad; they can book:
• at the CUP desk
• online through CUP website
• at the Chemist shops in the district

All examinations and treatments can also be requested under private payment arrangements  

Outpatients booking examinations and treatment under private payment arrangements require the referral of their GP or specialist physician; they can book:
• in person at the Outpatient and Diagnostic Imaging Clinic’s Admission office
• by calling the number 0536/42161 Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm


Staff will provide information on waiting times, fees and methods of payment as well as certificates for legal purposes.


Outpatients will be promptly notified of any changes in appointment times and/or cancellations. The staff at Villa Pineta will ensure that the appropriate assistance and mobility aids are provided to any outpatients requiring them in order to access the Facility.
In order to have access to the services, outpatients will need the following documents:

  • Referral from their GP or specialist physician (for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging services)
  • National Health Service card with National Insurance number
  • Any relevant previous diagnostic or clinical documentation

Payment of the reduced (National Health Service) fee and/or full fee for the service can ONLY be made at the Outpatient and Diagnostic Imaging Clinic Admission desk. Debit card or credit card payments are accepted.

Delivery of Medical Reports
Both privately paying and National Health Service patients are given their medical reports immediately after their specialist medical examination or tests.

All reports are delivered in a sealed envelope

The Clinic’s medical staff is willing to compare notes and discuss with the referring physicians the diagnostic investigation or specialist visit performed on the patient, and can be contacted:
• by calling the number 0536/42161
• by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• in person, by prior appointment, without any extra charge to the patient.


The values that guide and inspire Villa Pineta to ensure that the individual is at the centre of the healthcare programmes are:
•    impartiality of service provision and equal right of access to services;
•    full information on the services offered and methods of delivery of services;
•    definition of standards and a commitment to quality of service that is subject to ongoing quality verification;
•    design of structured methods of safeguarding users’ rights;
•    listening to views and opinions on the quality of the service through methods and tools that foster user participation and involvement;
•    appropriateness, "doing the right things well and at the right time" as a condition of effectiveness and efficiency;
•    respect for and promotion of the right to choose of the individual, as a stakeholder who is informed and aware and is an active participant in the design of his/her own healthcare plan.

Villa Pineta undertakes to honour the values that inspire its service; the pledges stated below are subjected to regular verification and assessment by Management and staff.

- Guaranteed Access -
Simple booking procedure Booking can be made by phone or in person at the admission desk
Finding your way around easily Clearly marked sign posts
Waiting times for services A maximum of 5 working days
Simple payment procedure Directly at the admission desk
- Guaranteed Information -
Services documentation The charter of services is available in dedicated folders
Staff identification Every staff member carries an identification badge showing his/her name, surname and position
Diagnosis and treatment Information is supplied directly to the patient at the time of treatment
Safety The specific floor plans and instructions on emergency procedures are displayed on the waiting room walls
Privacy All reports are delivered in a sealed envelope
Collection of medical reports Immediate
- Guaranteed Listening -
Simple recording of notifications, poor service reports and suggestions Through satisfaction questionnaires and forms for reporting problems and complaints
Prompt response Written response within 1 month to any non-anonymous reports carrying the user’s agreement to treatment of their private data (Law Decree 196/2003) and legible signature
Transparency of assembled information Monthly display of results from processing of anonymous and/or aggregate satisfaction questionnaires received


Listening and Participation

Satisfaction Questionnaire
Questionnaires are made available to users and their families in order to give them the opportunity to express – even anonymously – their level of satisfaction with the service they have received and to provide suggestions on how to improve its quality. Users who complete the Questionnaire should leave it in the dedicated container situated in the waiting room.

Reported problems and complaints
These are communication tools that give users the opportunity to play an active part in the organizational life of the Outpatient Clinic.
The Clinic’s Management will respond in writing and within one month, via the Public Relations Office, to all non-anonymous Questionnaires and forms with complaints and reports of any problems which carry the user’s agreement to treatment of their private data (Law Decree 196/2003) and legible signature.

Verification of pledges and improvement
The contents of the Questionnaires are processed through a computer programme. Where necessary, the results enable immediate and targeted intervention on the weak points of the system and are displayed every month in anonymous and/or aggregate form.