Head Physician Enrico Maria Clini,
Specialist in Respiratory Diseases and Pharmacology

The Respiratory Medicine Department provides care to patients suffering from acute respiratory diseases in need of comprehensive diagnostic assessment and immediate care, and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for that purpose.
The Department complies with regional structural and organizational certification standards specifically relating to the area of respiratory medicine. In this respect, the team has specialist skills in comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic assessment of sleep-related disorders and in the verification of indication, and adjustment of, the medical devices commonly employed in such situations (with nasal/facial interface, Regional Commission for the Appropriateness of Drug Prescription).
The Department works in close collaboration with in-house services for the optimization of pulmonary treatment, in particular with the Respiratory Physiopathology Laboratory, the Sleep Disorders Laboratory and the Diagnostic Bronchoscopy Centre.

Respiratory Physiopathology Laboratory
The laboratory has advanced equipment for the assessment and diagnosis of abnormalities of the respiratory tract. Examinations are carried out by technical staff with specialist training in respiratory physiopathology in collaboration with pulmonologists (with over 2,000 respiratory function measurements being performed each year).

Sleep Disorders Laboratory
The laboratory is situated in a dedicated area monitored in accordance with to the latest recommendations and has specific (polysomnography) equipment for the assessment and diagnosis of sleep-related respiratory disorders. The laboratory also has equipment capable of simultaneous electroencephalographic recording for carrying out the necessary assessments of the various stages of sleep. A team of specialist staff (specialist physician, nurse and physiotherapist) is in charge of the laboratory, where over 530 examinations are carried out each year.

Diagnostic Bronchoscopy Centre
The centre is equipped with specific tools for the assessment and diagnosis of abnormalities of the tracheobronchial system (fibrobronchoscopy). These include a video camera used to record the examination and to produce photographic documentation that is enclosed with the medical report. A team of specialist staff (specialist physician and nurse) is in charge of the centre, where over 100 examinations are carried out each year.