National Congress


Respiratory Rehabilitation:

the future described by those who will represent it

National Congress

Saturday, 2 December, 2017 - 9.00 Pm-  Villa Pineta di Gaiato (MO) Italy

The World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that by the year 2020, respiratory diseases will be the 3rd cause of illness. In Italy, where 43.4% of the 37,782 deaths attributed to respiratory diseases were caused by asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), the yearly mortality rate varies between 13,849 and 16,786. Cultural and professional investments are therefore also called for in respiratory rehabilitation.

Hence the importance of the conference organized by Dr. Ludovico Trianni, Head Physician of the Villa Pineta Hospital of Gaiato (MO), by Dr. Maria Teresa Nobile, Chief Medical Officer of Villa Pineta and by Dr. Marta Lazzeri, President of the ARIR (Association of rehabilitators for Respiratory Rehabilitation).

The initiative sponsored by AIPO, Italian Association of hospital Pneumologists, intends promoting the importance of the figure of the respiratory physiotherapist in clinical practice and medical research.

The initiative, in memory of Professor Francesco Nobile, to be staged on Saturday 2 December 2017 from 10 am in the congress room of Villa Pineta, is aimed at young people who have graduated in Physiotherapy in 2015/2016/2017 with a thesis on respiratory rehabilitation. Each candidate will expound his/her topic to a group of physicians and physiotherapists engaged daily in treating patients with acute and chronic respiratory failure.

A qualified scientific board, made up of eminent professionals and rehabilitators at national and international level, will award the two speakers who, in expounding their theses, stand out from a scientific and innovative viewpoint. The winner will be entitled to take part in a workshop in a national or international rehabilitation centre, while the runner-up will see his/her degree thesis published in a specialist scientific journal. One of the key points of the day, in terms of cultural and educational value, will be the lectio magistralis of doctor Ambrosino entitled "Respiratory Rehabilitation between Past and Future".

These are some statements of the other organizers:

Dr. Maria Teresa Nobile – Chief Medical Officer of Villa Pineta: "Our goal is to stimulate the young students to delve deeper into best practices and research in respiratory rehabilitation. We want to offer young respiratory physiotherapists the opportunity to be, for the first time, protagonists of an interdisciplinary debate. "

Dr. Marta Lazzeri - President ARIR: "The conference intends emphasizing not only the importance of the respiratory physiotherapist in the overall management of chronic respiratory disease in hospital, outpatient and home care environments, but also wishes to highlight the centrality of this professional figure in clinical practice and scientific research ".

The scientific board consists of:

  • N. Ambrosino (Pisa)
  • M.Vitacca (Lumezzane Brescia)
  • M.Paneroni (Lumezzane Brescia)
  • E.M.Clini (Modena)
  • Mirco Lusuardi (Coreggio – Reggio Emilia)
  • E.Crisafulli (Parma)
  • A.Lanza (Milan)
  • M.Lazzeri (Milan)
  • M.Sommariva (Milan)

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