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Villa Pineta successfully combines institutional aims with the safeguarding and protection of the health of its patients, through ongoing technological research and updating of its activities and staff, while providing individual patients with a global assessment of their medical-care and rehabilitation problems that goes beyond the specific nature of the hospitalization period.

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Accredited Private Hospital

Villa Pineta was built in 1932 as a sanatorium by Professor Omodeo Zorini, director of the Forlanini Institute in Rome, who considered the special climatic conditions of the area as perfect for climatotherapy, occupational therapy and heliotherapy. Since its foundation, commitment in favour of functional and technical upgrading has been ongoing:
over the years, after playing a pioneering role and thanks to continuous professional growth, the Facility, while continuing to foster the purpose for which it was established, has gradually evolved. The rehabilitation sector in particular has been strengthened with specialization in curing and rehabilitating heart, neuromotor and orthopaedic disorders, with particular focus on breathing ailments, and Villa Pineta is currently considered a centre of excellence which sets the standards at Regional and National level.

The Facility
Villa Pineta stands in a scenic position and has a large free car-park for patients, their family members and visitors.
Extended and restructured in conformity with currently applicable regulations, Villa Pineta, without losing its historical appearance, is today a modern and efficient health centre. Located in a natural setting, at an altitude of 800 metres, it is surrounded by about 50,000 square metres of centuries-old woodland, with well-attended and easily-accessible trails, where, in the warmer months of the year, rehabilitation therapists perform outdoor re-education treatments. In the case of patients unable to move easily, rehabilitation therapy can also be performed on the spacious covered terraces - recreational and relaxation areas for the guests of the Facility.
The Facility, which has no architectural barriers, features 4 lifts (2 of which able to accommodate stretchers) and premises easily accessible to handicapped persons.
The rooms of the hospital wards all have private amenities, telephone, calling device, medical gas/vacuum system, TV and Web access.


Over the years, Villa Pineta has adapted to the requirements of this modern day and age, while at the same time maintaining the warm atmosphere of times gone by.

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